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    The Best Countries to Visit for Cycling Lovers

    These cycling spots can easily be seen as the best in the world, just remember to pack your passport.


    France is probably the most obvious inclusion in this list with the world famous Tour De France and its famous alps. This may not appeal to the more casual cyclist obviously- I mean the tour de France is for the most elite of cyclists. This idea should not shoebox the more casual cyclist. France is abundant in its beauty, with hills that are definitely more convenient for the holidaying cyclist. If you look at the region of Alsace nearing the French alps. The region is perhaps the most high rise cycle friendly in the whole of Western Europe. With an extensive network of cycling lanes you will enjoy the 4 000 kilometre journey completely car free.


    Though the Netherlands is not as abundant in its high spots to cycle upon it is perhaps the most cycle friendly country in the world. This is especially true for its capital; the city of Amsterdam is easily more bike friendly than car. Offering an unbelievable set of biking lanes throughout the beautiful city. You will be able to whizz around the city and its bike lanes at unbelievable speed. Going from landmark to landmark as you please. It must be said that the Amsterdam bike rental industry is absolutely booming, and with 1.91 bikes per households you would be completely indoctrinated with the local Dutch population. In Holland the bike is a part of day to day life, try telling me you do not want to be part of that.


    Though not completely recognised by the general cycling public, Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries to cycle in. The Scottish highlands are almost completely untouched apart from its cycling routes. This isolation will give you some beautiful time in the sun without any non cycling distractions. The Scottish highlands can offer some of the most gorgeous spots in the world, giving you a complete satisfactory cycling holiday. If a highland cycle is not your fashion the city cycle is becoming even more in vogue with Scottish cities, with cities like Edinburgh following the Amsterdam model. Scotland will become even more of a cycling hot spot as the years go by, so try get in early.


    Like the country of France; Japan offers an unbelievable land of high rises to be cycled upon. Japan is like a mix between both France and the Netherlands offering an inner city cycle and a beautiful alternative of high rises. With numerous cycle based hotels the country will offer you immense ease. For the high rise cyclist the best cycling spots in Japan are Nasu, Itamuro, and Kuroiso. These three hill-based towns will offer you a route just as beautiful as anything in Western Europe. Giving you the greatest views of the beautiful country Japan. Like Amsterdam the city of Tokyo has become extremely cycle friendly. A Japanese cyclist can expect a VIP journey throughout the country; cycling is also becoming the number one mode of transport for local civilians due to the immense car congestion.


    Like France northern Italy can offer some of the best cycling spots in the world. With the beauty of the Alps, and the tranquil sun on the southern side. Italy should not be boxed into its cycling beauty of the North. Central and Southern provinces like Tuscany are just as beautiful.  Tuscany offer the best of both worlds, for serious cyclists Tuscany can offer a gateway towards the Apuane Mountains which does eventually lead to the Alps. For cyclists with more simple thoughts in mind Tuscany will give you a terrain which is marked by steep hills and valleys that go through the famous wine gardens of Italy. Offering a more cultural touch to your holiday. For the sunny Southern regions of Italy you can not look past Apulia. Specifically Puglia. The province of Apulia will offer some of the loveliest coast side cycling spots in the world. With the heat and culture of the Mediterranean this spot is a cycling must. Italy is the utility belt of cycling world providing everything from high rise cycling, to coast side beauty.

    The Most Romantic Countries on Earth to Take Your Girlfriend

    It can be difficult to decide on where the best place may be to go on holiday with your girlfriend. Yourself and your girlfriend may have opposing views on what makes a holiday exciting, but it’s time to throw that all aside in order to find the perfect romantic holiday that you’ll both enjoy. Romantic holidays is also a good example of a good first date topic, before this fast access to the Internet it would be really difficult to find the perfect ice breakers, but now on the Internet there is so many pages offering really useful tips, like on this page where you’ll find the perfect topics of conversation that will stop your first date from becoming awkward



    Paris already has the title of the city of love and France is notably the most romantic country in the world.  Casablanca definitely has a big involvement in the popularity of the country as a romantic spot, but so does the country itself. France is notorious for its love of aphrodisiac foods that have couples swooning. Everything in France just oozes romance, even the language has become synonymous with romance. Every woman dreams of being whisked to France and so you should definitely take a look at booking flights there.  Plus, it has the eiffel tower which is probably the most romantic landmark in the world.



    The setting to one of the most popular love stories of all time, Romeo and Juliet, Italy stands out as one of the most romantic countries in the world. With beautiful canals that you and your lover can sail down and delicious carb filled food, who couldn’t be in love in Italy? The country is also a very big fan of fine wines, again alcohol is a well known aphrodisiac. A few glasses of wine while eating dinner and enjoying a beautiful view is the perfect environment for any romantic date.



    It may seem odd that Belgium is on this list but when you think about it, Belgium is a very romantic destination because of its snuggled up winters and hot chocolate. This is a country where you can get very close to your significant other, taking in beautiful surroundings hand in hand. Belgium chocolate is also fantastic and eating it with the person you love is even better. Belgium is just a very cosy country and would be a perfect place to take your girlfriend.



    Once again Greece is an unexpected one. You just have to look at its history to see why it’s a great choice, it has thousands of years of deeply romantic stories full of beautiful myths. It has beautiful temples, especially the temple of Aphrodite which really rediates love. Greece in whole is really stunning, with clear beaches and rich tapestries. The heat is what could really draw you to Greece, not everybody wants to be covered up drinking hot drinks, the nice weather gives a lot of room for adventure with your loved one. Plus the holiday homes that are available to hire are beautiful and are the perfect place to escape to after long days of exploring.



    Bali  is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is not conventionally romantic, but it gives you the opportunity to have an adventure with the person that you love in an amazing country. The proximity to beaches and amazing, clear bays is what really sells barley. You can take dips in the water with your partner and even snorkel as an experience. Bali also has some amazing wild life that you can introduce yourself to. Bali  is all about experiences and experiencing these amazing new things with someone that you love deeply. Because it is such an amazing country, it would also make for some fantastic memories and story telling. Plus, the weather is a nice change from the gloomy English rain.



    The Japanese people are obsessed with the topic of love. There are thousands of cafes that focus on love and exploring cute and quirky foods and the country is crazy about marriage, many people spending thousands for the perfect affair.  Japan is just one of those places that you have to visit at one point in your life, so why not visit with the love of your life? It’s a total cultural shock, from the food down to even the accommodation. Again you are experiencing so many fantastic things that are made even more perfect when they’re shared with someone that you love. Plus there is the opportunity to sight see, Japan has plenty of things to do and you could stay for months before you ran out of interesting things to do.

    The 3 Most Luxurious Hotels on Earth

    If you manage to find yourself on the lighter side of life you are bound to want the more extravagant pieces that life can afford. This will involve houses, cars and perhaps most importantly holidays. So the you want to stay in the most in the most luxurious hotels or to simply fantasise, here these are the three that manage to possibly hold a claim to such a title.

    One of the newer and more ambitious hotels is that of the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. Though given a five star rating it is often referred to as the seven star hotel, due to the luxury given to guests with a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce service. The hotel sits on the Arabian dhow and is the worlds seventh largest hotel, but if you look past its extravagant architecture, the interior is equal if not superior. Offering a pillow menu and twenty-four karat gold leaf walls, perhaps lacking subtlety it is most certainly luxurious.

    If you want a more modernist experience then The Plaza of New York City, unlike the Burj Al Arab The Plaza holds intense prestige and history, first built in 1907 The Plaza has been built a staple of New York for over 100 years. Located in down town Manhattan the location itself provides the luxury in itself. The hotel hosts A-list guests from the highest of Hollywood to worldwide royalty. The Plaza is an experience of true luxury.

    As I have covered two continents so far it is quite important to look at another so for our third hotel, we find ourselves in Europe, with the Westin Excelsior of Rome. A hotel that offers a “Roman Emperor” experience cannot be anything but luxury. The Westin Excelsior is seen as a landmark of the city, it offers roman décor in its stylised bathing rooms and furniture. It is a symbol of roman opulence. Offering a historic luxury that few other hotels can claim.

    So, with these three options we find the luxury of the contemporary, modernist and classical, the choice is truly yours.