• Travelling with Pets: What you need to know

      Deciding whether or not to travel with your pet can be a very hard decision to make, there’s the obvious fear that your pet will not know how to cope with the stress of travelling within confined areas or the issue of not wanting to be away from your pet for long time periods. As an owner, it is your responsibility to decide whether or not you should take or leave your pet, in a way that is suitable for you and your pet’s nature deciding whether your pet would be able to remain relatively relaxed in transit. 

       If you make the decision to bring your pet along with you it is important to remember these key factors : 


      Before even thinking about travelling with your pet it is vital that you ensure all the necessary documentation is up to date and readily available. Particularly with airport travel before allowing your pet to fly any insurance, veterinary and ownership documents will need to be provided to ensure your pet is safe and legal for flight. In some cases, you will also need to purchase a pet passport! 

       Health Checks

      Your pet’s health is another important factor, stress can have detrimental damage to an animal especially if it is suffering from any underlying medical conditions, it is important to consider working to help your pet handle stressful environments before travel. A great product for advice on helping your pet to deal with stress is DogWish which is an application with great resources to help your dog work on becoming more resilient to stress. 


      It is likely that your pet is required to take some form of medication even down to health vitamins. Before travelling it is important that you have the necessary documents and prescriptions for any medicines, and that you remember to pack the required medication for as long as the period you are travelling. 

       Comfort items

      As mentioned previously stress is an important factor when it comes to travelling with your pets, a great way to combat this stress would be to provide your pets with comfort items such as beds, blankets and toys. By doing this they are more likely to remain calm as they are provided with familiar items and scents from home. 


      Investing in proper travel containment for your animal is not only important for your pet as they require comfort, but also to any other passengers, ensuring your pet is secure and comfortable is vital to ensure everyone’s safety. 


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