• The 9 Best Places to Travel for Bushcrafting

      The art of Bushcrafting is an essential skill set for anyone with an interest in survival adventures. Before you set out on living in the wilderness you should know how to do so, for your own safety and enjoyment. But when you feel comfortable enough to set out on your own adventure it can be difficult to choose where to travel out to, here are the 9 Best Places to Travel for Bushcrafting.

      Your local area

      Before you travel far out, have a little look at your local area. If you’re fortunate enough to live in the countryside then you are bound to be surrounded by plenty of local woods. This would be a great place to start as it will be familiar grounds where you can really improve your knowledge. Before you take on some difficult terrains it is essential to practice your Bushcraft skills and so your local area is the best place to do this comfortably. This means if you have any problems you can easily head back home and start afresh, or even contact local friends in case of an accident. This is also just a less intensive start to your journey.

      Local islands

      What may be surprising to know is that if you live close to the shore, you actually have access to lots of small islands full of fantastic natural resources. You may need to pay for a boat trip to get to them, or you can row yourself there. This is a great opportunity to get a closer look at how surviving in a real isolated island may be. There are many that are specifically advertised for adventurers so just take a look online.


      If you’re really looking for a travelling adventure there is no better place to start than Norway. This is a beautiful country and so will give you plenty of opportunities to take in some beautiful views and create excellent memories.  Norway has vast woodlands filled with natural fruits, vegetables and wildlife that you can sustain yourself on while you explore the beautiful landscapes. Norway’s woodland areas have plenty of natural water sources running through them, meaning that you will never be short on the essential things you need to survive.


      Surprisingly Scotland is one of the most popular spots for Bushcrafting due to its isolated woodland and running water sources. Not only this, but Scotland has some really beautiful landscapes to enjoy, as well as rich vegetation and wildlife to survive on.  Scotland is also a very popular survival trip, so you will be sure to come across  some fellow bushcrafters with whom you’ll be able to share your experiences and tips.


      This is a remote island with no habitants located among the Indonesian islands. This is a real survivalist challenge as you are completely isolated, so it is recommend that you come prepared and ready to take on the challenge. It is also recommended that you let people know of your location continuously as it is easy to get lost among the winding woods of this isolated island.

      New Zealand South Islands

      Again this is another location that is favoured among the more hardcore Bushcrafters. These islands are packed with natural resources so, in terms of packing for your trip, you won’t need to bring much in terms of food. This is a real opportunity to authentically live off the fat of the land, which is very appealing for survivalists.

      The Amazon

      This will require more planning and a team, but the Amazon is always open for adventure. This is one of the most desirable locations for any survivalist and should be looked into.


      Bali is one of the most beautiful places on earth with some fantastic weather. This is a great place for the more experienced survivalist and is certainly one that many have on their bucket lists in terms of memory-making.


      Australia is famous for its vast amount of inhabited land and bushland. If you know how to safely identify dangerous animals and locate food sources, this is a good choice. But remember to prepare plenty of water due to the intensity of the heat.


      You may be surprised to know that France has plenty of woodlands that needs exploring. This also has plenty of natural resources to survive on and fantastic nature to enjoy.


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