• The 3 Most Luxurious Hotels on Earth

      If you manage to find yourself on the lighter side of life you are bound to want the more extravagant pieces that life can afford. This will involve houses, cars and perhaps most importantly holidays. So the you want to stay in the most in the most luxurious hotels or to simply fantasise, here these are the three that manage to possibly hold a claim to such a title.

      One of the newer and more ambitious hotels is that of the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. Though given a five star rating it is often referred to as the seven star hotel, due to the luxury given to guests with a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce service. The hotel sits on the Arabian dhow and is the worlds seventh largest hotel, but if you look past its extravagant architecture, the interior is equal if not superior. Offering a pillow menu and twenty-four karat gold leaf walls, perhaps lacking subtlety it is most certainly luxurious.

      If you want a more modernist experience then The Plaza of New York City, unlike the Burj Al Arab The Plaza holds intense prestige and history, first built in 1907 The Plaza has been built a staple of New York for over 100 years. Located in down town Manhattan the location itself provides the luxury in itself. The hotel hosts A-list guests from the highest of Hollywood to worldwide royalty. The Plaza is an experience of true luxury.

      As I have covered two continents so far it is quite important to look at another so for our third hotel, we find ourselves in Europe, with the Westin Excelsior of Rome. A hotel that offers a “Roman Emperor” experience cannot be anything but luxury. The Westin Excelsior is seen as a landmark of the city, it offers roman décor in its stylised bathing rooms and furniture. It is a symbol of roman opulence. Offering a historic luxury that few other hotels can claim.

      So, with these three options we find the luxury of the contemporary, modernist and classical, the choice is truly yours. 


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