• The 3 Best Holidays for a Stag Party

      So, your best pal has just gotten engaged and somehow, you’ve managed to swindle your way into overseeing the planning of his stag party. It may seem like a daunting task, but never fear. With an unbelievable amount of destinations to choose from, you can be sure that there is somewhere out there, perfect for the groom-to-be to enjoy some quality time with his closest male friends before he goes on one of the biggest adventures of his life – marrying the woman of his dreams. So, to make sure you go down as one of the best stag party planners in history, here are the 3 best holidays for a stag party.


      A popular destination for stag parties, with cheap beer and plenty of delicious food, it’s no wonder so many people choose to spend their stag party in Europe. With so many awesome countries to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect place for your stag party. To celebrate the trip, you can find custimized wristbands here, for you and the other guys on the trip. It’ll add some whimsy to the trip and help if you guys end up separated.

      Theme Park Tour

      Weddings can be a very stressful time for all those involved, the groom included. So, it may be a good idea to help distract the groom from all the stress of planning the wedding by planning a holiday jam-packed with fun activities. If the groom is a fan of white-knuckle rides, why not take him and the rest of the stag party on a trip across a bunch of theme parks? There are so many incredible theme parks scattered across the US, you won’t even need to leave the country. You guys can spend the day making memories and eating plenty of delicious and overpriced theme park foods.

      Bros Camping Trip

      More of an unorthodox destination for a stag party, it may be a cool idea to plan a sort of camping trip or nature centralized trip for the stag party. It can be a fun way to bond with the guys and the group and will give you all a chance to reconnect with nature. It will also make sure none of the group are spending all the trip on their phone. Learn to build fires, pitch tents and survive in the wilderness. You’ll all come back to society refreshed and the groom will be a better man for it.


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