• 5 Games to Play While Travelling



      Roblox is a great game for travelling, with a variety of different minigames you can be sure to get hours of fun without getting bored. Play alone or with friends and join one of the huge range of servers that Roblox has to offer from zombie survival games to simple hide and seek this is definitely a great time killer. Roblox offers players a variety of games so there is one for everyone to enjoy, with the capability to create your own games too. If you are struggling to find a game you like you can get creative and make one yourself.



      Minecraft is a classic game of creativeness and survival, with the option to switch between survival mode where you spawn in a world and have to live off the land or in creative modeĀ  where you can make whatever you want with unlimited resources. For those of you that enjoy building games this would be a great option for a game to keep you occupied whilst travelling. Progression is key for this game so it is best when played in those instances where you can dedicate a significant amount of time on it for example when you are travelling somewhere. Minecraft has been proven to be great for occupying the brain with something productive and with aspects of nature, physics and basic survival requirements this game has significant educational value too.


      Seven Deadly Sins.

      Based on the popular anime, The Seven Deadly Sins Pc game is a great computer game to occupy your mind whilst travelling, immerse yourself in a world of mystery and action and take on the role of you favorite characters from the series. Playing this game while travelling is a great source of entertainment and for those of you who are anime fans, or even just fans of roleplayer games I am sure that you will get some enjoyment from this. Fight in an epic battle to save the kingdom of lioness and become victorious over your enemies.



      Gmod is very entertaining through the fact that there is so much you can do and play, with multiple game modes including different minigames such as prop hunt and obstacle courses you can be sure you are going to get some solid entertainment here. Much like roblox you can create your own game modes and play online with friends for optimum enjoyment. GMod tends to be a little on the wackier side and it’s safe to say that players definitely have fun playing this one, making it perfect for those travelling moments where you struggle for things to occupy yourself with.



      Another very popular and creative game is the Sims, creating your own unique world from the house, to the people living in it, you can design it all even down to the characters personality traits and your home decor. This game is a fun way to pass the time and many people enjoy recreating their own homes and families, why not have some fun with it and challenge yourself to be realistic or go totally wild and take advantage of all the weird and wonderful things you can do on the Sims.


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